Leasing advantages

No fees to open an account

Optimum Finance does not charge its clients to review or to open a lease financing account. Following the signing of a financing contract, you will be able to obtain as many duplicates of your account file and as many documents related to your account as you would like, free of charge.

No capital outlay

Leases allow you to buy equipment without having to initially pay for a percentage of the purchasing price. This lets you benefit from financing 100% of your newly bought equipment and allows you to keep your liquidity.

Protection against obsoleteness

Leasing allows you to stay on the cutting edge of technology for a fraction of the cost. Renewing your older equipment for more modern and high-performance ones or simply to avoid using obsolete equipment allows you to remain competitive in your sector of activity or prevent you from paying for expensive repairs.

Fixed rents

Leasing constitutes an efficient way of protecting yourself against inflation. If you have a $100 a month lease today, you will continue to pay $100 a month for the duration of the contract. The real value of the payments made will thus be reduced over time. The monthly instalments being the same every month, it is easier to make the payments for the duration of the lease. You will pay for the future use of your equipment with tomorrow’s depreciated dollars as you witness an increase in revenues to the normal rate of increase in the costs of goods and services.

Saving your capital assets

Leasing allows you to save your operating capital and to use your money in a more cost-effective way. It represents a significant financial advantage for your company because you will be able to benefit immediately from the latest technology without having to draw funds from your working capital.

Upholding your line of credit

Leasing can offer you the financial leverage needed to uphold your debt capacity in the eyes of your lender. Therefore, it preserves your line of credit.

Financial advantages

Instalments are made as if you were renting the equipment. Hence, each payment constitutes an operating expense. These expenses are part of the eligible expenses your business can claim when filing its income taxes. Instead of amortizing a good at a reduced rate every year, leasing is 100% eligible every year.

Utilitary value

As is done with your employees, your equipment should also be paid for as they are being used. When opting for a lease, you will be able to profit from your good through the revenues and the savings that your business will make as payments are made on the purchase.