Benefits of leasing for the supplier

Cost reduction

When a customer pays for a good using a credit card, the supplier is automatically charged fees by the issuing credit card company. In the event that the supplier accepts a net/30-day term for his customer and the customer’s payment date exceeds the credit company’s payment deadline, interest charges are automatically applied on his line of credit supporting the sale which will lead to an increase in his accounts receivable.

Optimum Finance’s service is totally free of charge for the supplier which represents a significant advantage when compared to other alternatives offered in financial institutions. Furthermore, as soon as the equipment is delivered to the customer, payment to the supplier is sure to be made in a relatively short period of time. This will prevent the supplier from taking on the burden of the extra costs associated with a late payment.

Fast closing of the deal

The range of possibilities offered to the supplier concerning the length of the lease and the payment methods, which have been agree upon with the customer, make leasing a convenient way of closing a deal and minimise risky financial decisions that could turn out to be costly.

Ease of decision making

The initial amount the customer will have to pay upon purchasing the good being significantly reduced, the deal will usually be considered as part of the normal and essential expenses for the business instead of being viewed as an important drain of its cash flow. The customer can thus take the decision of leasing right away and avoid the hassle of having to ask the company’s head office for approval.

Increase in sales

The customers who choose to lease are able to trade in or exchange their equipment much more easily when the contract comes to an end. By offering them the possibility to modernize their equipment and increase their productivity, customers are usually more inclined to proceed with its replacement.

Leasing not only offers customers the possibility to modernize equipment but also to acquire new ones and to choose higher-performing and more expensive models. For a few dollars more per month, this can prove to be very profitable and good business opportunity.

Flexibility of payment terms and conditions

Leasing allows you to offer your customers many possibilities of payment terms and conditions. Optimum Finance can easily establish those terms and conditions for you by making sure they are suitable and acceptable for your customer. Such terms can range from differed to seasonal payments or can be dependent on the business’ available funds.

End of lease contract notifications

The supplier will receive his customers’ end of lease contract notifications. These notices can prove to be valuable tools allowing him to get in contact with his customers and plan other sales.

Automated credit processing

Our computerized credit validation point system allows us to authorize a customers’ credit purchase without the need for further financial inquiry. This translates into an important amount of time saved for our suppliers.

Brokerage service

The extensive brokerage network with which we have been involved for many years offers suppliers an opportunity to increase their customers’ credit approval ratio and allows us to provide diversified financial services.