Companies have at their disposal a wide variety of financing options to allow them to purchase much needed equipment.

Each of these structures can vary depending on the type of equipment being financed, its utility value, life expectancy and residual value.

Some leasing contracts can benefit from significant accounting or fiscal benefits. These advantages should seriously be considered.

Leasing expenses are often a source of additional income. The purchased good generally contributes to the company’s increase in productivity which should in turn lead to an increase in income.

Modernization and equipment renewal can also constitute a significant source of savings for the business.

The terms of repayment of a lease can be monthly, semi-annual or annual allowing businesses to immediately benefit from the purchased equipment thus contributing to the company’s growth. When using adequate financial leverage, businesses can spread repayment of their newly-bought equipment over time while benefiting right away from the income being generated.

Handling taxes

Depending on the type of contract chosen, the business will be able to consider the cost of its lease as being part of its assets or as being 100% part of its expenses.

When a lease, due to its structure, allows the leaseholder to buy equipment at a predetermined price, below the fair market value, the company must capitalize it and consider the lease as a loan.

When a lease allows the leaseholder to return the equipment at the end of the contract without any further obligation, then the rent can be considered an expense for that business.

The cost of a lease

The lease is generally recognized as being a very competitive financing option. By establishing the rent for the duration of the term, the company shelters itself from fluctuations in the financial markets. The business can therefore plan repayment of the lease based on its financial capacity which will take into account the seasonal forecasts, the working capital or the equipment’s productivity.

In addition to offering a fixed leasing price for the duration of the contract, the lease does not list any operating, renewal, administrative or other types of fees often hidden in conventional loans.

Comparing the net cost of the various financial vehicles allows you to better understand the real cost of a lease. Asking your financial broker to give you a demonstration can help you make the right choice, the sound choice.

The equipment

Any type of equipment can be leased. Optimum Finance can guide and support your company in its decision making to ensure the most advantageous choice of financial vehicle is made.


Generally stretching from 24 to 66 months, the length of the lease is usually based on the utility value of the equipment and the company’s working capital. Each contract is individualized to allow the leaseholder payment flexibility based on the company’s income.

Main types of lease

  • Operational leasing
  • Extended lease
  • Equity or capital lease
  • Conditional sale
  • Interim financing
  • Etc.

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Alternative Financing

Often dealing with financing constraints that can be found in the vast network of financial products available on the market, companies seek the services of financial brokers for advice and support to find solutions which will best suit their needs.

Optimum Finance brings alternative financial solutions to its clients to allow them to pursue their growth and development.

We will help you find the necessary funds your company needs by offering the best possible financing options.

You will find here a list of the different services that are offered:

  • Strategic analysis;
  • financial advice;
  • business case analysis;
  • business mortgage;
  • line of credit;
  • refinancing;
  • equipment financing;
  • working capital;
  • subsidies, government grants and tax credits;
  • loan guarantee;
  • subordinated debt;
  • collateralised loans;
  • factoring, accounts receivable and payable;
  • domestic and international accounts receivable;
  • ratio protection;
  • partner buyouts;
  • contaminated soils evaluations;
  • and many more.

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Equipement Financing

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Automotive Shop Equipment
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Computer and Networking Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Golf & Turf Equipment
  • Interconnect/Telephone Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Printing Equipment
  • Machine Tools
  • Medical/Dental Equipment * medical preferred rate
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Office Furniture & Equipment
  • Much, much more!

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